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Location:Liverpool, (states/regions/territories), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:Focus on Beatles slash
This is the "sister" community to the Beatlesslash comm on Livejournal:

[community profile] beatlesslash is a community for writers and fans of Beatles slash (fanfiction featuring male/male romantic pairings). Feel free to post your fic or recommend someone else's, discuss your favorite pairings or stories, share Beatle slash art, or offer or solicit beta-reading services, etc.

Community Rules:
(Updated 14 April 2009, please review)

01.) All ratings of fanfic/art/discussion are allowed, from G to NC-17. However, please keep anything over PG-13 (as well as any large images or stories over 250-words) behind an lj-cut as this community is open to writers and readers of all ages. We accept G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 for ratings as well as Kids/All Ages, Teen, Adult, etc., so long as it is labeled. Friend's locking entries is not a requirement, though many prefer to lock Adult entries.

02.) Please put embedded videos, such as those from YouTube, behind LJ-cuts. Picspam and more than three icons must also be LJ-cut.

03.) Do not increase/decrease your font size or change your font color when posting to this community. Posts that do so, even if only in part, will be deleted after a warning. The only exception to this rule is if one wants the pairing of a fic to be a surprise. Then, only where the the pairing is listed in the header, HTML-enforced white text on HTML-enforced white background "spoiler text" may be used, so the pairing is only visible when highlighted by the cursor.

04.) Off-topic posts will be deleted after a warning. Please do not promote your non-BeatlesSlash related community here, unless you have obtained moderator approval first.

05.) When posting fanfic, you must follow this header format:
(Posts that don't will be given a warning and 24 hours to correct before deletion.)

Title: (required)
Author(s): (required)
Pairing: (required) (ALL non-canon pairings must be listed, even if they are minor)
Rating: (required)
Warnings: (required if neccessary)
Timeframe: (optional)
Word count: (optional)
Summary: (optional)
Author Notes: (optional) (Do not put author notes anywhere in the body of the story.)

06.) After you have made your post, please tag your entry. To do this, view your post and click this icon: . It will bring up a list of tags. Fanfiction must tag the pairing(s) in the fic. Tags for other sorts of posts should be self-explanatory. Don't hesitate to ask the moderator if there's a tag you need that isn't listed. Hold down "ctrl" to select more than one tag.

(Please let me know if you have a band slash community you'd to exchange links with here)

Links to BeatlesSlash pages:
Oh! Darling -- A Beatles Slash Resource
Abbey Way -- A Beatles Slash Archive

Please email me if you have a link you think should be added to this list. :)

Interests (87):

abbeyway, astrid kirchherr, bad fanfics, bagism, band slash, bands, beatlemania, beatles, beatles slash, beetles, boy band slash, boy bands, boy/boy, brian epstein, britain, cynthia powell, dhani harrison, drabbles, english slash, fab!slash, fabslash, fanboys, fangirls, fansites, fic recs, george, george harrison, george/john, george/paul, george/ringo, give peace a chance, hamburg, james mccartney, jane asher, jason starkey, john, john lennon, john/brian, john/george, john/paul, john/ringo, john/stu, julian lennon, let it be, linda eastman, liverpool, london, lyrics, magical mystery tour, male/male, mary sue, maureen cox, mp3, music slash, olivia harrison, patti boyd, paul, paul mccartney, paul/george, paul/john, paul/ringo, pete best, pete/paul, pop!slash, popslash, real person slash, recs, revolver, ringo, ringo starr, ringo/george, ringo/john, ringo/paul, rps, rubber soul, sean lennon, sgt. pepper, silver beetles, slash, slash fanfics, stu sutcliffe, the beatles, the fab four, white album, writing, yoko ono, zak starkey
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